[Post-sustainability-committee] Sustainable Post Meeting: Today @ Common Hour - Pell Hall 231

Scott Carlin Scott.Carlin at liu.edu
Wed Feb 21 00:25:35 EST 2018

Sustainable Post Meeting today: Wednesday Feb 21, Common Hour, Pell Hall 231

We will discuss:

  *   Various campus updates
  *   The April 9 annual dinner and awards event.
  *   A new proposal: GreenTech LIU – an online data sharing platform for the LIU Post campus. A preliminary DRAFT proposal can viewed at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/22y7y8cq7tbushw/WHITE%20PAPER%20DRAFT%20-%20Center%20for%20Sustainability.pdf?dl=0
  *   An upcoming March 21 faculty workshop re: campus sustainability.  See attached.

Please try to attend this important meeting!  Your feedback on the proposed GreenTech plan is very important to our goals for this semester!!

Prof. Carlin

Scott Carlin, Ph.D.
Director, LIU Post Center for Sustainability
Department of Earth & Environmental Science
LIU Post
Brookville, NY 11548
516-299-3404 (work)
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