[Post-sustainability-committee] Sustainable Post October 4 Welcome Back Meeting

Scott Carlin Scott.Carlin at liu.edu
Mon Sep 18 00:44:11 EDT 2017

The Campus Sustainable Post Committee will begin its Fall meetings on Wednesday October 4, 2017
12:30 pm to 1:50 pm, Pell Hall 231.

We would like to develop a new process for the year which will allow more students, faculty, administrators, and staff to take a leadership role in campus sustainability efforts.  The main change we are making this year is to formalize the development of subcommittees that can take responsibility for a wide range of campus improvements. Right now, we envision the following committees for the fall semester:

     *   Undergraduate Degree Program (Leaders: Pires & Boyer)
     *   April Dinner/Fundraiser (Leaders: Boyer & Brown)
     *   Grants (Leaders: Boyer & Carlin)
     *   Student Engagement (Leaders: Brown and Ferrara)
     *   Climate Action (Leaders: Carlin & Lutz)
     *   Student “Farm” (Leaders: DiVenere & Ferrara)
We can easily accommodate six or more people on each committee. If there is another committee not listed above, let me know.
Prof. DiVenere has been working with students this summer to help construct our first student “farm.”  A very exciting new initiative.

The Center for Sustainability will begin its second year with a focus on expanding student opportunities for interdisciplinary research through new classes and a new undergraduate major.  We welcome everyone’s involvement across the campus.  So please share this notice with others.

Thank you!

Scott Carlin, Ph.D.
Director, LIU Post Center for Sustainability
Department of Earth & Environmental Science
LIU Post
Brookville, NY 11548
516-299-3404 (work)
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