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Center for Sustainability

First Draft: Meeting Dates
Thursday Feb 2, Common Hour, Location: Pell Hall 231
Wednesday, Feb 22, Common Hour, Location: TBD
Wednesday, March 22, Common Hour, Location: TBD
Saturday April 22, Earth Day

Spring 2017 Goals
January 29, 2017 Draft

Support Campus Events; Work with Erica’s new student club, Coalition for Climate.
Create a “Best Ever” Earth Day series of Events.
Develop Academic Courses:

  *   Major in Business Sustainability
  *   Interdisciplinary Core Curriculum.
  *   Revise our Undergraduate Degree Program.
Explore Grant Opportunities.
Partner Organizations:

  *   UN Dept. of Public Information;
  *   Cities of Peace (Ellen Frank);
  *   YoungGlobalLeadership.org (Linda Stillman).
  *   Ecological Culture Initiative (ECINY.org).
Explore Attendance 2017 AASHE Conference
Develop a Campus Climate Action Plan
Campus Garden
Revamp campus Green & Gold Graduation Pledge
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