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Next Meeting: Center for Sustainability
Feb 22 Wednesday.  1 pm to 1:50 pm (Note – Later start time!)
Pell Hall Room 231


1.       Academic Initiatives (20 min)

2.       Earth Day  (15 min)

3.       Student Club (10 min)

Draft Minutes from last meeting:

February 2 2017 Meeting Minutes.
Center for Sustainability

Attendance:  Scott Carlin, Erica Ferrara, Natalie Porpora, Vic DiVenere, Mark Pires, Bill Kirker, Kay Sato, Carol Boyer, Justin Poly, John Koshel, Jennifer Brown, Ilene Persoff

Spring 2017 Goals - January 29, 2017 Draft
Develop a Campus Climate Action Plan
Jennifer – Host a Demo/Tour of Winnick Food Services
Develop new Sustainability Degrees
Host a larger Earth Day Event
Launch a Campus Garden

Ilene: Program Research online; Grants
Vic, Mark – Google Doc re: Revised Curriculum
Earth Day – Carol, Jennifer, Erica.
Scott & Carol – Sustainable Business Degree
Scott, Mark, Bill Kirker – Campus Task Force Climate Action Plan

Support Campus Events; Work with Erica’s new student club, Coalition for Climate.
Create a “Best Ever” Earth Day series of Events.
Develop Academic Courses:

  *   Major in Business Sustainability
  *   Interdisciplinary Core Curriculum.
  *   Revise our Undergraduate Degree Program.
Explore Grant Opportunities.
Continue to Vet Potential Partner Organizations:

  *   United Nations Dept. of Public Information;
  *   Cities of Peace (Ellen Frank);
  *   YoungGlobalLeadership.org (Linda Stillman).
  *   Ecological Culture Initiative (ECINY.org).
Explore Attendance to the fall 2017 AASHE Conference
Revamp campus Green & Gold Graduation Pledge

Erica – New Club, Coalition for Climate

  *   10 events planned; Schedule coming.
  *   Want to earn a “5 out of 5” grade with Student Activities
  *   Hillwood Commons Event:  Sold all our Succulents (15); waiting list for more potential sales.
  *   Starting a Farm

Mark Pires –  Faculty are exploring changes to Core Class.

Bill Kirker

  *   Providing Soil for Farm/Garden
  *   More Hydration Stations will be installed.  (Recommendations: Life Science/Pell Hall; Kahn/Humanities/Roth)
  *   New Boilers – 7 installed Last Year; 4 – 6 planned to be installed for this year.  Independent Boilers in Buildings; Reducing Carbon Footprint.  Natural Gas.
  *   Retiring the end of May.
  *   Campus Composting is done by the stables; have to be careful with composting b/c it requires permits.

Carol Boyer:

  *   College of Management believes that Entrepreneurship should be more diversely spread in the University.
  *   Chat with Hunter Lovins in January: Want to pursue a Bachelor of Innovation in Sustainability.
  *   Dinner – Guest Speaker Recommendations

Justin Poly, Aramark

  *   Wipe Out Waste Program implemented by Aramark – Digital Scales; Tabulate data online.  Helps us to reduce waste by monitoring campus consumption so we can better calibrate how much food we prepare v. what students eat. Program up and running. Vic – Sanitary Plan to COMPOST.  Volume – Permit Issues.

Jennifer Brown

  *   Students are developing a Food Bank. Student Run Business: Non-Profit model.  Developing some initial financing; Fundraising.  Offer Free Food for students.  Students are doing surveys to research scale of student needs.

Vic DiVenere: Campus Farming

  *   Course – Business of Organic Farming.
  *   Learn about USDA Certification; How to find your Niche? What to grow; how to market products?
  *   Grow a crop this spring – What can you produce in the spring?
  *   Lab Course –
  *   Fall – Winter Crops
  *   Student Research –
  *   Farm to Table Benefit: (On Martha’s Vineyard, these events are very popular.)
  *   Culinary classes.
  *   Nutrition Classes
  *   Team up with a Restaurant.
  *   Climate Change and Food
  *   Aquaculture; Hydroponics
  *   SUNY Farmingdale - Horticulture degree program
  *   Vertical Farming; Rooftop Farming

Scott Carlin, Ph.D.
Director, LIU Post Center for Sustainability
Co-Chair, UN DPI/NGO 66th Annual Conference
Department of Earth & Environmental Science
LIU Post
Brookville, NY 11548
516-299-3404 (work)
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