[Post-sustainability-committee] Reminder: Sustainable Post Next Meeting: Wednesday April 19, 1:00 pm. Pell Hall 231. 

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Final Planning Meeting for the Semester: Wednesday April 19, 1 pm. Pell Hall 231


·         Update: New Sustainability Degree

·         Earth Day/Sustainability Dinner Planning

·         Bill Kirker introduces our new Facilities Director

·         Green & Gold Graduation Pledge Plans

·         Update on Draft Campus Climate Action Plan

March 22, 2017 - Sustainable Post Minutes

Attendance:  Samantha Goldwasser, Andrew Kay, Marianna Scalise, Erica Ferrara, Mark Pires, Scott Carlin, Sarah Pomerenke, Bill Kirker, Carol Boyer, Ilene Persoff, Laura Harwell, Betsey Klipera, Fausto Marincioni.

1. New Sustainability Degree Program
Following two faculty retreats in February, a group of faculty are busy developing a new undergraduate sustainability degree.  More information on that process will circulate on the campus listserves.  Please share this information with our colleagues!

Discussion of Classes to Include:
* Environmental Philosophy
* Environmental Sociology
* Policy Making/Public Administration
* Environmental Law
* Environmental Impact Assessment

From Fausto’s experience in Italy, sustainability programs that are too general do not do well.  It would be best to structure our program around a specific niche that is not covered by other degree programs in the northeast region.

Involve stakeholders – local businesses, government and international agencies.  What do they want from our graduates? What skills do they value?

Review recent job ads re: their skill requirements.

Title of the Program.  Make sure the title clearly conveys the purpose of the degree; make sure the title helps to sell/market the new program.  Don’t make the title obscure or hard to understand.

2. Sustainability Dinner
The Committee is finalizing its Dinner plan around April 26 (Wed) in Tilles Atrium. The featured speaker will be Hon. Steve Israel who is a new LIU faculty member.  In addition to awards, presentations, and a sustainable dinner, we will again seek Matt Thompson who can update us food sustainability at Aramark.  We will also see entertainment.  (If know of musicians or a theater group please let us know!)

511NYRideShare will table at our Dinner; they will help explore how many miles all our guests travelled to attend that dinner.  (We will try to develop an interactive element re: transit.)

3. World Water Day (March 22)
Peter Maniscalco and Erica will host World Water Day in the End Zone at 8 pm.  The goal is to raise awareness of the power of water in our lives and around the world.

4. Coalition for Conservation – Earth Day and other Updates.
The Coalition will support a drumming circle with Peter Maniscalco, a campus clean-up, and they will sell
sell soaps and plants to support Alzheimer’s research.

Erica will also speak at the upcoming Honors Conference, on March 31.

5. Clean Air Champions Program
After a vote unanimously in support of the 511NYRideshare Clean Air Champions program, Scott agreed to share this program with university officials to assure LIU Post’s full support.

Our goal is to announce LIU’s participation at our Sustainability Dinner!
Future Promotion:
* Freshman Info Packets
* Work with campus clubs, fraternities, sororities.
* Student Email blasts
* Develop surveys re: student commuting + Raffles.

6. Green and Gold Graduation Pledge
Betsy and Erica will work with Scott on this year’s May 5 graduation event.

7. Hunter Lovins will participate in a campus conference April 21 from 10 am to 4 pm. College of Management has additional information re: Registration.

Scott Carlin, Ph.D.
Director, LIU Post Center for Sustainability
Co-Chair, UN DPI/NGO 66th Annual Conference
Department of Earth & Environmental Science
LIU Post
Brookville, NY 11548
516-299-3404 (work)
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