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Oct 13 2016 Sustainable Post

Next Committee Meeting, Common Hour, (12:40 to 1:50 pm):
Mon October 31, 2016 – Room 109, Hillwood Commons

Oct 13 Attendance:
Scott Carlin, Christopher Roerden, Erica Ferrara, Mark Pires, Ronit Tal, Justin Poly, Bill Kirker, Jennifer Brown, John Koshel, Carol Boyer, William Achnitz, Panagiotis Sacoulas

Event Flyers: Please Share
November 1, Common Hour – “The Presidential Election & the Climate Challenge.”
Flyer available at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4olzgixp6ivp33o/Nov%201%20Poster%20-%20Election%20and%20Climate%20Change.pdf?dl=0

November 10 – Common Hour.  Discussion: Turning Stress and Anxiety into Happiness.  Tilles Atrium.

Calendar of Events

October 15 – Prof. Rogers Farm Tour, supported by Aramark.

October 20 – Campus Crunch.  Free Apples in Hillwood sponsored by Aramark.

October 21 - Please be advised that the Facilities Services Department has scheduled the planting of additional plants in the Raingarden at LIU Post for Friday, October 21.  Please contact Lynn if any students or faculty members are interested in joining Facilities Services in the planting.  Let her know what time your group would be available; they are planning to start in the morning and will likely be planting until the early afternoon.   Lynn Minutaglio, Environmental, Safety and Health Manager, Facilities Services Department. 516-299-3735.

October 24 – Nutrition and Student Sustainability Club will table for National Food Day in Hillwood.

October 31, Common Hour – Sustainable Post Committee meets. Room 109, Hillwood Commons

November 1, Common Hour – “The Presidential Election & the Climate Challenge.”  Faculty and Expert Panel Discussion. Hillwood 119.
Flyer attached.

November 10 – Common Hour.  Discussion: Turning Stress and Anxiety into Happiness.  Tilles Atrium.

November 10 – Love thy Nature. Film and Director  Q & A, https://tillescenter.org/event/on-screenin-person-film-series-love-thy-nature/
7 pm start time.

November xx – Common Hour.  Alum William Achnitz will give an overview of Long Island’s Green Home Program.  Learn how to save money through a free home energy audit.  Location TBD  (Possibly in Hillwood End Zone?).  For information see: http://www.longislandgreenhomes.org<http://www.longislandgreenhomes.org/>

November 15 – Common Hour.  511NYRideShare will table at LIU Post, probably in Hillwood.

Photos from Dr. Rogers-Brown & Aramark visit to local Farms.

Proposals for Future Projects:

TEDEX at LIU RE: SUSTAINABILITY  (Fall 2017; Plan now!)
Ronit: Global Citizen style Festival on campus.

•         Green Homes could be a new student Requirement
•         Leadership & Sustainability Workshops.

•        Lynn Arthur (Southampton) Boy Scout Badge program re: Green Homes

New Campus Sustainability Club (Student run).
Erica is filling out the paper work.  Please let students know about this opportunity.

Campus Farm
30 Section of POST 101; At Least 10 on Board for a Farm.
Prof. Boyer: Facility staff are Experts. Offer Honorariums to staff that can assist us.
Prof. Brown is teaching a Food class in the Spring; class project can be getting the Farm up and running.
We can host Workshops with farmers.  Bring the Farmers to Campus.

Campus Chalk Events

Create New Center SubCommittees
•         Upcoming Events
•         Faculty Workshops/Brown Bag Lunch
•         SOCIAL MEDIA
•         Internships: Formalize a Roster Agencies that need Interns; Improve Faculty access to Campus Job/Internship Listings.

Next Meeting: INVITE CAMPUS LIFE, Michael Berthel


Regional Solar Systems on LI (Billy Achnitz): LI hit 30,000 Rooftops this Summer; this month we just hit 35,000 Rooftop PV systems – rapid growth.  But regional subsidies being removed.
Billy is looking for Interns to work on LI Energy Issues.

Make 25A more presentable. (William Kirker)
Improve Drainage.
Remove depressed area: fill it in.
Proposal to install 100 Dry wells.
Location: Life Science to East Gate.  Currently fenced in.

Recycling: Facilities staff empty – 1 Big Dumpster of Paper more than 1/month.
Plastic Bottles and Can collections from the Dorms faded away with lose of Personnel/EAs.
Peter Lipka is a Contact and Matt Blanar, Campus Life.

Last Year: Used Recyclable Materials for paper goods; saved over 100 trees.
This year: catering silverware and plates will use Recycled Materials.

Proposal: More Recycling Signs & Bins on Campus.  (Allan Howel got the original bottle bins.)

News 12 contact via Ronit: Danielle Campbell.
North Shore Land Alliance: Conservation work on LI; use goats to clear fields.

Jack Finkenberg attended our Spring Dinner from the Sierra Club. Mentioned there are grants available from Sierra.

Sarah Pomerenke would like to plan Mindfulness & Sustainability events.

511RIdeshare.  Sarah - Setup Tabling.

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