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December 6 2016 – Sustainable Post Minutes

Attendance: Scott Carlin, Carol Boyer, Jennifer Brown, Mark Pires, Vic Divenere, Bill Kirker, Kay Sato, Betsy Klipera, Daniel Hanley

Campus Greenhouse.
Daniel looks forward to working with our committee so that we can use the greenhouse spring semester.  Vic and Erica will work directly with Daniel on specific protocols.  Vic would like to plant seedlings in the greenhouse.  Daniel would like to grow Asters and use them on campus.   Daniel needs to ensure that the greenhouse is free of fungi that could damage biology projects.

Vic and Erica will develop a timeline for implementing a greenhouse and garden plan.
* Materials Purchase
* Soil Testing

Spring garden plots are available by the Facilities Building.
Facilities Services can provide wood chips; compost; water; additional mulch and soil.

Long term goals could include Selling Flowers; distributing vegetables to poorer communities; serving campus produce on campus.

Campus Grounds
Concerns were expressed about the loss of Holly trees by Roth Hall.  Trees provide food and nesting spots for local birds.

Recommendation: Work with Joe Schaefer on a plan to coordinate landscaping changes.  Invite Joe each semester to share information and attend meetings.  Let him know that the Committee wants to be able to make recommendations re: proposed landscape changes.

Of concern going forward: Proposed landscaping changes along 25A. Proposal to replace chain linked fence surrounding the drainage basin with drywells (which won’t need the fencing).  Recommendation: explore the viability of ecological designs instead of drywells.

Facilities Services is working with fewer staff today.  LIU Post grounds manager Case Joosse retired a few years ago; he had more actively managed the arboretum.

Rita Langdon was also a critical staff member re: relationships with the Planting Fields staff and Village of Brookville Parks group.


Recommendation from the Administration:
We need new majors that are attractive for students with clear career tracks.

Recommendation: Bring faculty together over the next 6 weeks to brainstorm next steps.
Explore strategies so that collaboration is easier to develop in Spring 2017.

Smaller-scale recommendations to pursue

  1.  Bring together several classes for special events.
  2.  Linked Classes (Wilderness; Politics of Food) – work with John Lutz.
  3.  Joan Digby.  If students complete her 6 cr. Sequence in Honors English, LIU should pay for them to go to the National Parks program.
  4.  Work with Abby Van Vlerah, Promise coaches, John Lutz to improve communication and coordination for curriculum changes and linked classes.
  5.  Spring Birding activities; poetry.
  6.  Experiential Learning Opportunities.  (Pony at Hillwood today; students have never touched one before.)  Get students on horses; many never had the experience.
  7.  Work with Students to create a stronger sense of community.
  8.  Support Existing Majors; make interdisciplinary experiences part of these majors.
  9.  Create a Sustainability Leadership Program
     *   (See U. of VT for one model) https://learn.uvm.edu/nb_wordpress/wp-content/uploads/Campus-Sustainability-Leadership-Draft-Schedule-for-2016.pdf
     *   Set this up through Hutton House
     *   Have students attend 5 workshops; complete a project
  10. Have a Spring Sustainable Jobs Fair

Sustainability Degree Programs.
* Widen the range of course and tracks open to students
* Strengthen Collaborative efforts
* Focus on Job and Career options; Integrate Job elements into the majors: Internships; Job Fairs.

Scott Carlin, Ph.D.
Director, LIU Post Center for Sustainability
Co-Chair, UN DPI/NGO 66th Annual Conference
Department of Earth & Environmental Science
LIU Post
Brookville, NY 11548
516-299-3404 (work)
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