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Next Sustainability Committee Meeting is December 6 (Tuesday) Common Hour in Pell Hall, Room 231.  We will discuss Committee updates – including campus tree policies and the campus greenhouse; Plans for next Spring; and a response to Dr. Jeff Kane.

Minutes for November 10, 2016 Sustainable Post Committee

Attendance: Scott Carlin, Ellen Frank, Mark Pires, Jennifer Rogers Brown, Jeff Kane, Erica Ferrara, Christopher Roerden

Presentation by Sr. Academic VP, Dr. Jeff Kane

  1.  Goals for the new Center
     *   Revamp Campus Education
                                                               i.      Infuse Sustainability in the Core
                                                             ii.      Create new Interdisciplinary Majors

     *   Events are not the focus of the New Center
     *   Form a Foundation this year for a Lasting Center
                                                               i.      Programs
                                                             ii.      Funding

  1.  Questions to Consider?
     *   How can we ground sustainability so it is deeply rooted in the campus – its practices, culture, and curriculum?   We need to give form to something that has not yet been given form.
     *   Reach down into the LIU community - Draw those ideas up, and Give it form.
     *   What should be the role of sustainability in education at LIU Post?
     *   Research: What are the best examples of sustainability in higher education Today? Can we learn from those and bring that here?
     *   What would our Graduates Do?  What are the career trajectories?
     *   Do we need to hire new faculty to meet the proposed new objectives?  We need to quickly generate that information.

  1.  Other Ideas
     *   Create a Toolkit:  Curricula materials that can be used across the campus.
     *   Create Certificate Programs
     *   Create strong Majors
     *   Create a Farm - what are the education elements of the farm?  Make it Biodynamic.  University of Utah - Research Focus
     *   David Orr & his work at Oberlin College. Organic Farm on campus; students would fly over S. Ohio & photograph strip mining. Students leave with a degree and a Pilot license. Oberlin built their own building –
     *   Can we make sustainability one of central tenants of an LIU education?
     *   Create Labs
     *   Grants
     *   Sustainability Outcomes for Students
     *   We need to be uncomfortable to get out of our silos.
     *   Train Faculty to Teach Interdisciplinary; Hire Faculty in Interdisciplinary themes: Climate, Water, Oceans

Today, Sustainability at LIU Post is on the Outside looking in.  We need to create a transformation so that sustainability is at the Center of the LIU Experience

  1.  Generate a Center for Sustainability - White Paper
     *   Faculty, Programs, Courses, National Models –
     *   Share with Deans and Faculty
     *   Mark - Start with Faculty: Do a resource assessment of faculty and our degree Programs.  What are the strengths of faculty?  Common Themes?
     *   Host Faculty Brown Bag Sessions - Spring Semester -

Cities of Peace Presentation by Ellen Frank

Ellen Frank Illumination Arts Foundation.

From the Website:
Interdisciplinary Program that Ellen Frank has constructed; works with universities and 24 countries around the world; She is based on Long Island.

EFIAF’s Peace Education goals are: to establish CITIES OF PEACE traveling exhibitions; a CITIES OF PEACE Illumination Center; global satellite CITIES OF PEACE Illumination Centers; and educational training for economically disadvantaged, underrepresented youth in conflict zones.  To achieve this, EFIAF provides innovative educational programs:

  *   hands-on, collaborative mentoring and training of international interns working with scholars and artists;
  *   interdisciplinary research and creative application (history; visual, literary, musical arts; math; science);
  *   understanding and appreciation of world cities, diverse cultural traditions, religions, ethnicities, and governance.
  *   Young people, including war orphans, undereducated youth and girls, experience learning that builds confidence, leadership, analytical ability, and ethical awareness. International educators, artists and interns acquire skills to establish new global CITIES OF PEACE Illumination Centers in communities suffering poverty and strife.

During her presentation, Ellen presented many artifacts from her work and discussed their thematic significance. We painted with the ruins of a building. (Paint derived from elements)
Turning to Winnick Building: What is this structure we are in?  Teach using the Building.

Cities of Peace Garden: Indigenous Plants indigenous to countries facing war.

Armenia Program - Everyone who applied was accepted into the program.
Ellen kissed each person 3 times.  They thought that was American custom.
10 people painting for the program.  Everyone was involved in Research - Concept - Design - Execution. Collaborative. We included the Community, Museums, specialists.
Transgenerational: Involved Parents, Grandparents.

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Next Sustainability Committee Meeting is December 6 (Tuesday) Common Hour in Pell Hall, Room 231.
We will discuss Committee updates; Plans for next Spring; and a response to Dr. Jeff Kane.

The new Sustainability Club, Coalition for Climate, will show a film December 6 (Tuesday) night, 6:30 pm, In the Gold Coast Cinema (Hillwood).  After the film the’ll be  a Q&A led by Prof. Scott Carlin

Scott Carlin, Ph.D.
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