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This semester ;is a great line-up of events, but the deans search committee is getting in my way. I have had fantastic reports on all . Sorry in advance for Nov. 17th which is another search committee meeting in common hour. One day I will get to share a carrot with you all. So sorry. Joan

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In addition to our upcoming public events (see attachments), our Next Campus Committee meeting will be -
Thursday December 3, HONORS LOUNGE OR PICK.

Thank you for helping to promote these events!

Here are some Draft Summary notes from Thursday’s End Zone Event.
Nov 5 – Brainstorming.
End Zone Event

1.     Campus Recycling

a.     More Recycling Bins around Campus

                                               i.     Inside Buildings

                                             ii.     Outside around the campus

b.     Recycling Education – Students need more information about what to do; why to do it.

c.     Problem is “Throw and Go!”

d.     Labels on what can and can’t be recycled

e.     Graphics/Marketing to Promote Recycling

f.      Improve the visibility of Recycling (especially in Hillwood)

2.     Create a Student Sustainability Club; Recycling Club, etc.

3.     More Refillable Water Stations – there is one upstairs in Hillwood; we need one downstairs too!

4.     Make students more aware of the waste produced on campus

a.     In Winnick have a Visual Graphic/sign showing tons of garbage from last year; set a goal to reduce garbage this year.

5.     Aramark

a.     Compostable Utensils

b.     Reusable silverware

c.     Compost Food Waste

6.     Greenhouse – Grow our own Vegetables; Campus Gardens

7.     Solar Panels – Install more Solar PV on our campus.

8.     Can we create a Campus Culture that promotes sustainability?

a.     March Student Theater Performance – Environmental Theme

b.     How do we encourage more student events like this?

c.     Events that help students make new connections – everything connected to everything else!

9.     Orientation Week – bring students down to the containers, tell a story about the process of handling our waste and what we can do to reduce waste production.

10.  Alcohol Awareness does online class; why not have an online awareness course on Sustainability.

11.  Make a Sustainability Class Mandatory for Freshmen.

12.  Flea Market – Help students to reuse their end of semester supplies.

13.  Expand Textbook Recycling

14.  Make money on ebay for Sustainability Projects

15.  Social Media – advertise more!

16.  Improve the Graduate Pledge Program

17.  Improve & Expand the Green Office Program.

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