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Company: NYS Sustainable Corp.
Principal: Nancy Colella
Re:Internship Opportunity
Date: September, 2017

The below outline is specific to what the students will learn and be exposed to while using their skills to engage within a fast moving sustainability movement - mandated by New York State and current city legislation. https://www.nyssustainable.com/commercial-sustainability-news

1.      We will train on the NYSSC business model - differentiation markers
2.      Involve students in continued education on (NYSERDA) sustainability goals and RFQ’s
3.      Training on outreach efforts to directly educate commercial sustainability conservation measures
4.      Involve writing projects towards publisher outreach- within the commercial RE Market
5.      Participate in organizations that support the Green Energy Initiatives
6.      Direct community outreach participation - B2B public forums
7.      Direct participation in networking events - policy, industry, and B2B specific
8.      Offer the ability to utilize the networking connections and relationships to fortify their own book of    acquired relationships and monetary allocations via NYSSC program curation
9.      Participate in the commercial sustainability series - by way of formal logistics and partake in the series itself - alongside LIU clean energy incentives to bookmark initiatives via social media, press and association participation etc. etc.
This program will be a successful, well-rounded, on-site experience for students who are dedicated to learning and expanding their skills in the concentration and academics under their goals of a career within sustainability. This program will support a business, marketing, environmental, engineering and the curation of whole systems clean energy retrofit activity for a commercial property/s.
The students must be committed to working and be directly dedicated on the alignment of applicable real world contributions -as it relates to their future and the current progressive outreach goals of the
New York State mandate of reaching 80% sustainability by 2050.
All of these elements will be critical learning components to any academic sustainability intern.

For more information contact:
Nancy Colella <nancy at nyssustainable.com>

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