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Scott Carlin Scott.Carlin at liu.edu
Mon May 8 13:36:05 EDT 2017

This past weekend I attended the Landmark Forum’s Advanced Course in NYC.  http://www.landmarkworldwide.com

I would like to invite you to attend the closing session as my guest, Tuesday night in NYC.

This Tuesday night I can invite guests to attend the closing ceremony to learn about the Forum and to explore if this is a program that you would like to attend.  The experience was powerful enough that I would like to have LIU develop a formal partnership with Landmark and their corporate program.  But to do so, I need others to also have more familiarity with the program. The program is across the street from Penn Station/34th St. and begins at 7:30 pm. I would encourage you to arrive by 7 pm so you are ready to go at the start of the program.

In addition to learning about the program, the evening is an invitation to sign up for an upcoming Landmark Forum (the first part of their “curriculum.”)  The cost for the introductory Landmark Forum is $695.  They may offer discounts for signing up Tuesday night.  Tuesday night is entirely free and there no obligations to register.  But it is a program that I am strongly recommending you consider.

Sustainability is not just about making better mousetraps – like solar panels.  Sustainability is a world-changing “paradigm” shift for people and planet.  As part of that global shift, at LIU Post we have worked to make important changes on our campus by supporting a wide range of activities from our dinner, to curriculum changes, and events on campus.  But we also have an opportunity change how we relate to ourselves and each other – and this is Landmark’s strength.  Landmark can strengthen our ability to work cohesively together – and make us much more effective by supporting one another.

Many of you know that commitments to sustainability at LIU Post sometimes seem half-hearted.  I know that we can change that; I know that we have the capacity to do extraordinary things in coming years.  So please accept this invitation in the spirit of being adventurous and believing that we can create some new and powerful for our campus.

What the Landmark Forum offers are a set of tools that can change our effectiveness as individuals and as a campus community by helping us to see the things in our own personal lives that hold us back. It is also offers excellent tools for connecting us together as a campus community.  This past weekend was all about creating a sense community among my 97 course attendees.  It was a rigorous and powerful experience.   For some, their lives may have literally changed this weekend, but for most real and deep changes will happen week by week, “brick by brick.” The tools are effective when used consistently.

Please let me know if you can attend Tuesday night and if you need additional information.
Please arrive by 7 pm; the program starts promptly at 7:30 pm.  Arriving on time is Very important, so just arrive early.  The program will end at 10:45 pm.  If you must leave early, you are free to do so.  But if you can stay until the end that would be greatly appreciated.

317 A West 33rd St.
NY, NY 1001

My Cell phone # is 631-741-7036

I have been off email for 4 days now. I will do my best to monitor in-coming emails today and tomorrow morning.  You can also use my cell # to reach me today and tomorrow.

Thank you!
Scott Carlin

P.S. - Here’s some verbiage on the Advanced course.  To participate in the Advanced course, you need to first complete the introductory Landmark Forum.

Advanced Course
Gain a new level of mastery in creating and living a future of your own design – a future that fulfills what matters most to you. In this program, you’ll be coached and trained in what it takes to create and make real possibilities for extraordinary living. You’ll leave the Advanced Course having designed a future where every day is an expression of what’s important to you. You’ll be left with a new freedom and ease—obstacles that once limited you will no longer stand in your way. This innovative course results in an expanded ability to take bold, effective action and to make possible what once seemed impossible—not just for yourself, but for the people around you.
Out of your participation, you will:

  *   Turn your intentions into accomplishments and produce extraordinary results
  *   Discover the profound generative power of language and what that makes possible
  *   Experience living in such a way that day to day life is a contribution and makes a difference, not only for you, but for the lives of those you touch and the world in which you live
The Advanced Course includes individual work with the course leader in front of the room, and hands-on practice in the use of Landmark's technology.
The Landmark Advanced Course takes place during three consecutive days - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, starting at 10:00 a.m. and ending no later than 11:30 p.m. There is also an evening session the following Tuesday from 7:00 to 10:15 p.m. (in certain locations, from 7:30 p.m. to 10:45 p.m.) to complete the course. Breaks are scheduled regularly throughout the day, including one 90-minute meal break.

Scott Carlin, Ph.D.
Director, LIU Post Center for Sustainability
Co-Chair, UN DPI/NGO 66th Annual Conference
Department of Earth & Environmental Science
LIU Post
Brookville, NY 11548
516-299-3404 (work)
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