[Post-sustainability-committee] Sustainable Post - September 21 Committee Minutes

Scott Carlin Scott.Carlin at liu.edu
Sun Sep 27 23:56:07 EDT 2015

September 21, 2015
Attendance: Scott Carlin, Sarah Pomerenke, Mike Sweeney, Lynn Minutaglio, Laura Harwell, Thomas Lentino, Stephanie Frobin, Marianna Scalise, Kay Sato, Jennifer Brown, Kate Breen, Pat Kennelly, Bessie Weisman, Melissa Colleary, Margaret Pepe.

Our next meeting is:
Tuesday October 13 @ 12:45pm in HILLWOOD 114


1.     Promotion

a.     Please try to bring at least one friend/colleague to our next meeting.  Can we grow our numbers this semester?

b.     Please help promote Car Free LI on Sept 22 (Tuesday)

2.     Recycling

a.     Facilities Services is continuing its past practices with recycling runs.  They are handling much of the work done by past Work Study students right now, until a new team is in place.

b.     Student would like to see recycling expand on campus – Three-bin containers at high traffic locations around campus are highly desirable; perhaps the freshman class can assist with this effort.

c.     Facilities Staff believe that all the dorms are equipped with recycling bins.

d.     Can more recycling bins be placed by the Honors Office in Winnick?

3.     Freshman Projects

a.     A team of freshman and women’s Lacrosse players cleaned up local beaches this past Saturday

b.     Perhaps more work can be done on raingardens this year

4.     New Projects

a.     Yoga on the Roof at Hillwood (Melissa); Coordinate with Om Organics in Huntington (re: sustainable food).  Late afternoon event for the fall.

b.     Food Projects

                                               i.     Sarah is doing a fall internship with Aramark and will organize some research and community events

1.     Apple “crunch” event

2.     Slow Food Event

3.     Film

                                             ii.     Dr. Brown would like to host a film on food – Food Chains.  She can also link this with a photo exhibit – high quality images from the film project.

c.     Perhaps we can do some education events this fall – distribute water bottles from the new electric car

d.     Early November: Can we organize a “fun” event to educate students and the campus about sustainable options.  Kate will book the End Zone Room in Hillwood.

5.     STARS – based on comments from STARS we may not qualify for Silver; we can submit a new application later this year.

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