[Post-sustainability-committee] Fall Sustainability Calendar

Scott Carlin Scott.Carlin at liu.edu
Tue Sep 8 10:48:58 EDT 2015

Welcome back to LIU Post!  Our Campus Sustainability Committee Calendar for the Fall semester is shown below.

Sustainable Post Fall 2015 Meeting Dates

Monday September 21                                 HILLWOOD 106

Tuesday October 13                                      HILLWOOD 114

Wednesday November 4                              HILLWOOD 106

Thursday December 3                                  HONORS LOUNGE (Tentative)

Other Key Dates:

Car Free Day – September 22

LIU Post Fall Sustainability Event (Tentative) – October 26th

Hurricane Sandy Anniversary – Oct 29

Campus Sustainability Day – Oct 28 (Wed)

Our campus listserve can be found at: https://lists-1.liu.edu/mailman/listinfo/post-sustainability-committee
Even if you cannot come to meetings, our listserve is the best way to stay informed about our work.
Feel free to share this information with others.  We always welcome new members  - students, faculty, administrators, and staff!

Be sure to let others know about our new RideSharing service:  https://ridematch.511nyrideshare.org/newyork/?id=2116&client=LIU
The Ridesharing service can also be found on this page:  https://my.liu.edu

If you have not already heard, Billy Achnitz – one of our Committee champions for many years – has taken a new position at SUNY Farmingdale.  We wish Billy lots of luck, but we have a lot of work ahead of us this semester to “sustain” his impressive accomplishments.

Prof. Scott Carlin

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