[Bkn-school-of-education-csp-mhc] Spring 2017 Registration for Students in Mental Health Counseling programs

Zalika Taylor Zalika.Taylor at liu.edu
Tue Oct 4 12:18:29 EDT 2016

Hello Students,

The Spring 2017 registration process begins the week of October 10th, 2016; registration can be completed online through your MYLIU account or in person at 9 Hanover Place, 4th floor. The Spring 2017 semester dates are: Tuesday January 17th - Tuesday May 9th, 2017. The online schedule of classes for Spring 2017 is available by clicking on the "Search for Classes" button on the top right of your MyLIU homepage or the following link: https://webapps.liu.edu/courseschedules/schedules.aspx?campus=B.

*Please note there are changes being made to the schedule directory and it will be updated by your enrollment appointment for the week of October 10th.

**VERY IMPORTANT: Each student has a specific Enrollment Date on which to register for their classes. You can find your enrollment time and day by logging into your MYLIU account and checking under ENROLLMENT (right side of main page in Student Center).

If you do not have an appointment time; then you probably have a hold (financial, health, admissions or department) on your account. You can check to see what kind of hold(s) you have on your Student Center page of your MYLIU account under HOLDS. If you have any holds on your account: financial, health or academic; you will not be able to register for classes ONLINE.

In order to clear up any holds, you must complete the following:
1. For any financial holds, you must contact Enrollment Services on main campus to assist you. It may be that you must register for your clases in person (you would need to pick up a registration card from my office).

2. For any health or admissions hold, you must contact that specific office to hand in missing documents such as official transcript(s) or your vaccination records. Once this is done, then they will remove the hold on your account and you can continue the registration process online.

3. For any departmental holds (academic probation or limited matriculation of credits), you must come into the office to meet with me prior to being approved to register for your classes. You will need a registration card for processing your spring courses.

Some Important Reminders...

  *   If you have INCs, an F or is on academic probation; you will not be able to move forward until these issues are taken care. Therefore, if you fall within this category, you must come in to meet with me or your faculty coordinator prior to registering for classes.

Students wishing to take a class with the professor of their choice are advised to register early. We do not have waitlist for courses.

Keep in mind that being an active participant in your educational process means checking your LIU account, transcript and degree audit to make sure your information, grades, etc. are all correct.  This will give you time to fix things if need be in a timely manner. I have attached a degree audit along with a program of study for you to review. You can save your specific program for your files.

Permission codes are available for students who meet the prerequisite guidelines for online registration and course progression.

Any questions or concerns, my contact information and available office hours are below; do give at least 24 hours for a response back. I thank you for your patience and have a great day! FYI: I will be out of the office week of October 10th-14th, 2016.

Counseling & School Psychology Faculty Coordinators are:
Aaron Lieberman

Mental Health Counseling, School Counseling, Bilingual School Counseling & Marriage & Family Therapy  - Graduate

Aaron.lieberman at liu.edu<mailto:Aaron.lieberman at liu.edu>

718- 488-1543

Linda Jacobs

School Psychology & ABA Advanced Cert.- Graduate

Linda.jacobs at liu.edu<mailto:Linda.jacobs at liu.edu>



"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." -B.B. King
Zalika Taylor
Academic Advisor/Enrollment Services Counselor
School of Education
9 Hanover Place, Room 407
Brooklyn, New York 11201
Email: zalika.taylor at liu.edu<mailto:zalika.taylor at liu.edu>
Phone:(718) 488-1381
Fax: (718) 246- 6351
Hours of Availability: Monday-Thursday 10:30am-6pm; Fridays 10am-5pm

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