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Zalika Taylor Zalika.Taylor at liu.edu
Thu Jul 14 17:21:27 EDT 2016

Dear Students,

In light of all that has been happening (may continue to happen) this summer, my colleague, Anissa Moody and I have penned an article for Ebony Magazine centered on minding our mental health in the face of ethnoviolence gone viral. See the article at the following link:  http://www.ebony.com/wellness-empowerment/black-collective-trauma#axzz4EIQUF81S.

We wrote it in some ways to process our own feelings/reactions, but also in the face of the impact on our friends and family.  My own sister, a stay at home mother of 4 girls in suburban Phoenix, AZ, has began to develop symptoms of PTSD and as I found myself helping her to understand what was happening, I realized others may need this information; particularly, those who don't have a sister (family member/friend/teacher, etc.) attuned to these dynamics and their effects.

I share this here in the hopes that it can be helpful to you all as you take care of yourselves.  I also share it as you know the critical role you play as mental health professionals to do important work with families, communities and in schools.   Often, and possibly right now, people turn to you.  I share in an attempt to support you as you seek to support those in your life you love and hope may feel more safe in the face of the violence we've seen.

Wendi S. Williams, Ph.D.
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