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Tue Dec 6 13:25:31 EST 2016

Dear Students,
My name is Marc and I work at a summer camp called Ramapo Country Day Camp.  My job at camp in the off-season is to find and make contacts with NYC/Brooklyn college students who may be interested in working at camp for the summer.  We are interested in working with LIU education majors in some capacity about how summer camp is a great way to gain experience for their résumé.  Being a former educator myself, along with a staff of administrators and established teachers here at Ramapo,  we know how camp can be a great way for educators to expand their expertise.  For me, camp was a way to develop a new skill I could put in my 'teaching bag' for the upcoming year.
Here's a link to our video<https://protect2.fireeye.com/url?k=04f7d671-77e1-4f10-b00e-338578ebd7b2&u=http://www.ramapocamp.com/video> and our camp website<http://www.ramapocamp.com/>.  We look for responsible college students who see camp as something they GET to do for the summer rather than something they have to do.  Our hiring philosophy is to 'hire the smile and train the skill'.  From the video you can maybe tell that we have a ton of fun and the rewards from having a job experience like this is invaluable to many students.  As an added bonus, we provide transportation each day for our NYC/Brooklyn staff to our camp in Rockland County each day as a paid position.
Please let me know if connecting with LIU-Brooklyn education majors is something you could help us with, or if there is someone else you would like to direct me to.  Our camp office number is 845.356.6440<tel:(845)%20356-6440> and my cell is 201.394.4162<tel:(201)%20394-4162>.  You can ask for me, or our staffing director, Brian.  If there's anyone else I should contact or a phone number I should try, please let me know as well.

Contact Person:
Marc Spoelstra
Ramapo Country Day Camp
600 Saddle River Rd
Airmont NY 10952
marc at ramapocamp.com<mailto:marc at ramapocamp.com>
"There's No Place Like It."
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