[Bkn-school-of-education-csp-mhc] What's the Comp Exam? Do I have to take it OR complete the E-portfolio?

Zalika Taylor Zalika.Taylor at liu.edu
Wed Feb 4 12:40:19 EST 2015

Dear Students,

Recently an announcement for the comprehensive examination was sent to the multiple counseling program listservs.  A flyer indicating the dates and locations of the exam and review session as well as a list of review materials was provided.   Please review your messages for this information if you are eligible to sit for the examination.  This information is also posted in the waiting area of the School of Education Administrative offices on the 4th Floor of 9 Hanover.

Students eligible to take the Comp Exam have completed 25 or more credit hours by the start Fall 2013. To determine your eligibility, you can review your transcript for Spring or Summer 2013 (depending on whether you took courses over the Summer 2013 session) and see the number of credit hours completed at that time.

  *   RSVP. If you are eligible to take the comprehensive examination and plan to attend the review session on February 19, I require that you RSVP your intent with the Department Secretary, Kathleen Prince at kathleen.prince at liu.edu<mailto:kathleen.prince at liu.edu>. Depending on the numbers of students with interest and availability I may determine we ned to change the room location and if that is the case I will email those that have RSVP directly the week of the Review Session.

If you are not eligible to take the comprehensive examination I will not permit you to do so and will make no special or alternative arrangements based on your realization that you did not know the e-portfolio was a requirement for you or that you had not checked or thoroughly reviewed listserv messages indicating  this is a graduation requirement for you. If you are in this position, I advise you to review the materials for completing the e-portfolio for the March 1st submission deadline and prepare to submit for that date (see previous listserv messages).  Additionally, you will need to complete and submit the attached form to Raven Maldonado-Brown (raven.maldonado at liu.edu<mailto:raven.maldonado at liu.edu>) by February 11 in order that an e-portfolio account can be created for you and you can be invited to an orientation session on how to add content to your e-portfolio.

Wendi S. Williams, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Coordinator, Counseling Programs
Co-Chair, Department of Counseling and School Psychology

President, Section One (Black Women)
Division 35 Society for the Psychology of Women (SPW)
American Psychological Association (APA)

Department of Counseling and School Psychology
School of Education
Long Island University - Brooklyn
Office 9 Hanover Place, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY, 11217
Phone: 718-780-4369; Fax: 718-246-6351
Email: wendi.williams at liu.edu<mailto:wendi.williams at liu.edu>


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