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Yesterday evening the School of Education held its annual Dean's Reception, a purposefully intimate affair to honor graduates and their families.  Last night we honored three student leaders Excellence Awards (Xaviera Nichols, Lauren D'mello and Isis Duron-Lopez) and were moved by a very touching speech given by Shanneell Downer.  A brief summary of the Excellence Awards students awardees' accomplishments are below.

This morning the commencement services for Long Island University-Brooklyn were held at Barclays Center.  The joyous atmosphere featured students, families, faculty and administrators reflecting on their years at LIU and this moment.  Our Vice President Gayle Haynes charged the graduates to "Take Action".  I feel hopeful that each of you that have completed your studies in the Counseling Programs feel ready to do just that.

We are a connected community and value the contribution you all have made as students, but perhaps even more so, look forward to the good works of your collective action in our world.  And we want to hear about it. Please continue to stay connected and keep us posted on how you are doing.  Some ways to do that would be to join us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CounselingProgram) and following our LinkedIn page (https://www.linkedin.com/pub/liu-brooklyn-counseling-program/83/2a7/313), as well.  And should you ever wonder what we are up consider following current student's experiences on our program blog The Word<http://thewordliubk.wordpress.com/> (http://thewordliubk.wordpress.com/).

Know that our corridors and classrooms are ever changed because you have been here and we appreciate you! Congratulations, Class of 2014!

Xaviera Nichols
The first recipient is a student in school counseling, Xaviera Nichols. Xaviera decided to pursue graduate study in school counseling after mentoring incarcerated adolescents at Rikers Island.  She is the founding president of the Graduate Students Association of Counseling at LIU Brooklyn, an organization that was recently acknowledged for excellence by the LIU Student Government Association.

Isis Duron-Lopez
The second recipient is a student in bilingual school counseling, Isis Duron-Lopez.  Isis completed her internship at The Bushwick School for Social Justice.  After being at the school for only one semester in a two-semester sequence, Isis' supervisor reported that she had already become an integral member of the youth development team, who was always available to support students and their families.

Lauren D'Mello
The third recipient is a student in mental health counseling, Lauren D'Mello.  Lauren is also a founder of the Graduate Students Association of Counseling at LIU Brooklyn. Lauren interned at the Realization Center, a substance abuse outpatient treatment facility, where she has been hired as a case manager. Lauren credits her mother with showing by her own example the value of an education and the meaning of determination and hard work.

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