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Raven Maldonado Raven.Maldonado at liu.edu
Thu Jun 12 11:43:01 EDT 2014


NYABPsi Jegnaship Event
Saturday, June 14, 2014 from 1:00pm-3:00pm

Central Library
10 Grand Army Plaza
Brooklyn, NY 11238

NYABPsi is hosting a Jegnaship membership event at the Central Library! If you are a student or professional in the field of psychology or a related area, we invite you to come out and participate. We welcome all who are interested in learning more about and/or joining NYABPsi.

"Jegna, an Amharic word, refers to one who is tested in battle, fearless, produces an exceptionally high quality of work, protects the people, land and culture with their very lives, and always speaks the truth (Asa Hilliard, ABPsi Elder/Ancestor and Past President)."

Please Join Us! To experience the live artistic work of Brooklyn-based painter and multimedia artist Steve Keene. From June 12-August 29, an exhibition entitled Steve Keene's Brooklyn Experience will feature works in Central Library's Grand Lobby that pay homage to Brooklyn and to BPL, rendered in Keene's Wood Sculpture and Tattooed Plywood. He will paint live on Grand Army Plaza creating his Hand Painted Multiples in front of Central Library.


About Brooklyn Public Library  Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) is an independent library system for the 2.5 million residents of Brooklyn. It is the fifth largest library system in the United States with 60 neighborhood libraries located throughout the borough. BPL offers free programs and services for all ages and stages of life, including a large selection of books in more than 30 languages, author talks, literacy programs and public computers. BPL's eResources, such as eBooks and eVideos, catalog information and free homework help, are available to customers of all ages 24 hours a day at our website: www.bklynpubliclibrary.org<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Wan1sXyVc_s5PuS3t3sYCnd0FStpfl2fhkvrijzpTD2kyFLWtmgl3COMhomjb7tCulVTiQqHo1rdBz2EkY2wtbmRjVRIfKGtnnab0JAKpWmMcUN2L7ZjZs9nmpITldhJiJImK5quLqIEVP5Pj7g3KK5PXsgoI0T0tJOrj-hfXYqoNcfRJSsWqkMA5GjTg9w5&c=GzyHJmzeHIVAblnym2UlBZd4IXanynGISPvkJmVGwqY_PB51GtQ5aQ==&ch=PRYqLyO86FTfLKd_ciNp1h9XEOlyr481X7w8dx_u8t8sSYkO6M5-uA==>.

Visit us on-line at NYABPsi.org<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Wan1sXyVc_s5PuS3t3sYCnd0FStpfl2fhkvrijzpTD2kyFLWtmgl3LzR7dtRma6Hf4ipVCFDshzZBk6WhksSvBWkDCZelK5vu10YzaAF84AY4ynF0i5Oxs-4w9emBevU9xU07NjAzickR8bTSQwIQOc9I6Lk0g1ETI7bc8vbqiE=&c=GzyHJmzeHIVAblnym2UlBZd4IXanynGISPvkJmVGwqY_PB51GtQ5aQ==&ch=PRYqLyO86FTfLKd_ciNp1h9XEOlyr481X7w8dx_u8t8sSYkO6M5-uA==>

Get more information<http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e9culszbd4659fa8&c=0baa1990-1f3d-11e3-96dd-d4ae5275396f&ch=0c3a2490-1f3d-11e3-96e6-d4ae5275396f>
RSVP Now!<http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07e9culszbd4659fa8&c=0baa1990-1f3d-11e3-96dd-d4ae5275396f&ch=0c3a2490-1f3d-11e3-96e6-d4ae5275396f>
I can't make it<http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/decline?oeidk=a07e9culszbd4659fa8&c=0baa1990-1f3d-11e3-96dd-d4ae5275396f&ch=0c3a2490-1f3d-11e3-96e6-d4ae5275396f>

Raven Maldonado-Brown, M.S., LMHC
Academic Advisor
Dept. of Counseling and School Psychology
School of Education
Long Island University
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Brooklyn, NY 11217
Ph: 718-488-1544
Fax: 718-488-3472
Raven.Maldonado at liu.edu<mailto:Raven.Maldonado at liu.edu>

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