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Christina Lipera Christina.Lipera at liu.edu
Mon Mar 11 13:35:10 EDT 2013

Dear Mental Health Counseling Students,

I visited The Emma L. Bowen Community Service Center (also known as) The Upper Manhattan Health Center, Inc. Specifically, I was visiting the Children's Services.  It seems as if this particular site has potential practicum and internship opportunities as early as this Summer.

Upon speaking with a supervisor from the Children's Services, it seems as if it would be more likely that a student would be accepted for placement if they were planning on completing their practicum during the Summer II session and continue their internship placement in the Fall into the Spring.  However, this does not necessarily have to be the case.

In order to apply, you would call the main number: 212-694-9200  and ask to speak with the director of the division you were interested in interning at.  I have included a link below where you will be able to view the types of services provided and each of the directors you would ask to speak with.  I would suggest picking one service at a time depending on what you were interested in.


Good luck!


Christina Scheinberg

CSP Field Coordinator

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