[Bkn-school-of-education-csp-mhc] Potential MHC Internship sites for Summer and Fall

Christina Lipera Christina.Lipera at liu.edu
Wed Jan 30 18:01:23 EST 2013

Dear Students,

Below are four links with instructions on how to apply to four different potential Mental Health Counseling sites.  I encourage you to read each one carefully as there are very specific instructions on how to apply.  Just because a contact person is listed, does not mean that is who you are to email the requested information to.  Again, just read the instructions carefully!  Some placements are looking for students to start in the Summer and some in the Fall.  Further, certain placements are only looking for internship students as they require the student to be present for at least three days a week.





Good luck!


Christina Scheinberg

CSP Field Coordinator

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