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Dear Students,

As some of you may be aware, greater awareness of the training experiences of MHC students is needed throughout the NYC metro area and New York state more broadly. The primary issue is related to the failure of the NYS Office of Professions description of Mental Health Counselors to include the term diagnosis. This has significance for practicum and internship training and ultimately employment.  Please see the message below from an alumnus of our program and the link to a petition that will be used to advocate for you and your profession.

As some of you know from our discussions in CSP 706, this is a real issue that requires your political involvement to secure professional opportunity for you and your colleagues.

Please consider review.

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Hi all,

I'd like to ask you all to consider signing the following petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/the-new-york-state-legislature-amend-scopes-of-practice-of-licensed-mh-practitioners-to-include-diagnosis

The petition is to the NYS Legislature and aims to have the word, "diagnosis," added to LMHCs scope of practice. Diagnosis is a significant part of our education, training and examination leading up to licensure. Currently in the licensing legislation, every synonym under the sun is used and those of us who are working in the field diagnose and receive insurance payments/ successfully get clients reimbursements with no problem. However, the lack of the actual word creates confusion and limits employment opportunities for MHCs in the field.

This is just one piece of the advocacy we are doing around this issue. We already have bills in the senate and assembly and as you can see from the petition, the Director of State Ed department is also recommending this action be taken. The petition is just a way to bring awareness to the legislature and let them know that their constituencies are concerned with this issue.

Thanks for your support, Sarah

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