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FALL 2012

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Welcome to the Long Island University Student Barometer!
Dear Student,

Just as you receive regular feedback from us as you progress through your studies, we need to receive regular feedback from you.  The Student Barometer is your opportunity to tell us what’s working, what’s frustrating and what you think of your university experience to date.

The survey forms part of a wider ongoing study and is independently administered for the University by the International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate.org).  As a thank-you for completing the questionnaire, i-graduate again offers the opportunity to win a $1000 cash prize or suggest a $1000 donation to charity.  In addition, LIU Brooklyn will enter you to win an IPOD shuffle and other great prizes!

Please click the link below for your chance to have your say and the opportunity to win $1000, an IPOD Shuffle and more:


Your response, together with the feedback from others, helps us to improve the student experience, for current and future LIU students.  If you have responded previously, please do so again now.  We are aware that opinions change over time.  Equally, if previous concerns remain, we need to know.

The survey forms part of a wider ongoing study and is independently administered by the International Graduate Insight Group (www.i-graduate.org).  Further analysis may be carried out by the LIU survey’s coordinators to compile student satisfaction data.  Results will only be reported to departments from groups of five or more students.By taking part in the survey you agree to this.The reporting process includes the text of any comments that you provide.

If you want to know more about i-graduate, please go to http://www.i-graduate.org/privacy_policy.html and FAQs. Otherwise, call LIU at 718.488.1602.

Thank you in advance


Kim A. Williams, Esq.                                                Steve Chin
Dean, Student Affairs                                                Director, International Student Services
LIU Brooklyn                                                             LIU Brooklyn

Brooklyn Campus News & Events<http://www.liu.edu/Brooklyn.aspx>

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