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Raven Maldonado Raven.Maldonado at liu.edu
Mon Mar 19 11:12:32 EDT 2012

Dear MHC students,

Are you looking for an exciting elective course to take this summer?  If so, the CSP department encourages you to take one or both of our new week-long summer institutes:

CSP 745 (001) "Dying, Death, and Bereavement"
(M-F) May 21st-May 25th

Description: This five day Summer Institute will incorporate a focus on the

following: Theories of dying, death and bereavement in counseling will

presented. The efficacy of grief counseling, and multiple forms of grief and

bereavement will be studied, including the recent discussion of the DSM V diagnosis

of bereavement in a psychiatric context. Cultural contexts of grief and bereavement

will be presented. Presentations of death, grief, and bereavement in the media and

popular culture will also be explored. Students will explore their knowledge of and

feelings about loss, grief and bereavement. 3 credits

CSP 746 (001) "Multidisciplinary Approaches to Treating Autism

(M-F) July 9th-July 13th


Description: CSP 746 will review autism spectrum disorders (ASD). There

will be an emphasis on etiology, symptomology (i.e., social, communicative,

motor, and stereotypical issues), identification, and appropriate supports for

individuals with autism. Students will have an opportunity to be exposed to

current research regarding ASD, as well as current legal issues, legislations

and movements that define current practice in the field.

*Please see attached flyers for more information and feel free to contact me regarding registration for these courses.

Thank you!


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