[Bkn-school-of-education-csp-mhc] New Procedures for Graduate Assistantships!

Shinelle Romeo-Walcott Shinelle.Romeo at liu.edu
Tue Jun 5 14:05:00 EDT 2012

To School of Education Graduate Students:

Graduate Assistantships provide a way for graduate students to offset some of their tuition by providing valuable support for a University department. Graduate Assistantships are limited and vary by department. The School of Education awards positions based on the specific needs of the department as well as candidate availability and experience. All applications will be forwarded to the School of Education for review and candidates whose experience and qualifications match our needs will be contacted for an interview.

If you wish to apply for a fall 2012 position, please take note of new guidelines, which are attached to this email.  Also attached is an application which is specific to positions within the School of Education. If you wish to apply to positions in other department on campus, you may pick up an application from Dean Maria Vogelstein, M-Building, Room 306. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE COMPLETED AND RETURNED TO DEAN MARIA VOGELSTEIN.

If you are interested in applying for a fall 2012 assistantship, please note the upcoming deadlines:

Fall Semester:
July 15 to August 15 - submitted to Dean Maria Vogelstein, room M 306.

1)    Application for Graduate Assistantship

2)    Curriculum Vitae

3)    Current College Transcript
August 15 to September 24 - submitted to Dean Maria Vogelstein, room M 306.

1)    Signed Graduate Award Contract

2)    Dean’s Verification Form

3)    Proof of FAFSA (domestic students); or proof of Employment Eligibility Verification Form from the InternationalStudents Office (international students)

4)    Class Schedule Fall Semester

5)    I-9; W4; and IT-2104 forms & appropriate proof of ID (if receiving Stipend award; both domestic and international students.

If you have any questions, I may be reached at shinelle.romeo at liu.edu<mailto:shinelle.romeo at liu.edu>.

Thank you.

Shinelle Romeo-Walcott
Office Manager / School of Education
Pratt Building – Room 210
Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
1 University Plaza
Brooklyn, New York 11201
Email – Shinelle.Romeo at liu.edu<mailto:Shinelle.Romeo at liu.edu>
Phone – 718.488.1055
Fax – 718. 488.3472
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