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Dear Students,

If you have elective requirements and still haven't registered for the summer semester, I encourage you to consider registering for CSP 660B "Advanced Group Work"!

The course will run on Saturdays during the first summer session on 5/12, 5/19, 5/26, 6/2, 6/9, 6/16, 6/23 from 10:00am-2:30pm.  Please see the course description below for more information and do contact me if you have any questions regarding registration.  Thank you!
Course Description:
HDL 660B:  Advanced Group Work is an Elective Course that will provide students with an opportunity to continue developing an understanding of group dynamics, social systems phenomena, and counseling in a multicultural school/organizational setting.  This course is designed with a didactic and an experiential component.  The didactic component will consist of a lecture and discussion fromwhich students will learn about group dynamics.  You will have an opportunity to integrate theory and begin application of this learning to various kinds of group, work and school settings.  The experiential component will consist of experiential groups, in which students will participate in small groups.  The small groups will be conducted using the Fish Bowl model and will meet regularly for five (5) sessions.  There will also be two (2) large group sessions to discuss the experiential small group sessions’ dynamics.  The experiential component provides an opportunity to practice through reflection on actual situations as they occur in the here and now to recognize, describe, and discuss group events and processes as they occur. By studying here and now events, students can increase their understanding of the processes that occur as groups and organizations develop and function.  Students also will increase their personal awareness by considering the roles they may take up in learning, for example, leadership and followership roles.  Please note that this group is a training group and not a therapy group and students are not expected to do therapeutic work during groupsessions.  Students are also expected to be respectful of each other and to take responsibility for their verbal and nonverbal behaviors in group sessions and in the class.

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