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Dear HDL students,

Please see below for information on an exciting conference hosted by the Center for Play Therapy:

The CPT Annual Play Therapy Fall Conference 2011 - November 4th
When Children Lead the Way in Play Therapy:
Play as Natural Reparation Post-Trauma

Eliana Gil, PhD, RPT-S


Dr. Eliana Gil is a psychotherapist at Gil Center for Healing and Play in Fairfax, VA.  She is also Director of the Starbright Training Institute where she conducts intensive trainings on a variety of child and family play therapy topics as well as childhood trauma.  Dr. Gil is an internationally known presenter and prolific writer on the topic of childhood trauma and play therapy. One of the highlights from her career was receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Play Therapy in 2010.

This workshop will highlight how children can find their way to healing in their own way and in their own time IF they are first anchored in a therapeutic relationship, if nothing is asked of them other than being and exploring, and if they are provided with symbolic toys that ignite and fuel their own reparative mechanisms. Based on her latest book, Working With Children To Heal Interpersonal Trauma, this workshop will discuss the intent and benefit of post-trauma play as well as suggesting that some intervention might be necessary when the play becomes "stuck" and its intent of mastery is not met. Drawing on her vast experience with children who have experienced a variety of interpersonal traumas, Dr. Gill will present case examples to illustrate this simple yet profound concept: Children often have the ability to access resources to advance their own healing process once the "safe enough" context is available.

Attendees will be able to:

1. Define post-traumatic play

2. List two goals of post-traumatic play

3. List two effects of trauma that can debilitate children

4. Name two drives inherent in children post-trauma

5. List two ways to promote post-trauma play

6. List two ways to intervene in "stuck" post-trauma play

7. List two contextual issues that can assist in children's recovery

Please visite our website at http://cpt.unt.edu/ for more information and register today!


Dalena Dillman Taylor, M.Ed., LPC-Intern

Center for Play Therapy

Graduate Assistant Director


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